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Installation Instructions

Follow these instructions to install and run EV Dashboard.
  1. Install your Paktrakr or Hardy BMS with a modified serial cable, by soldering a wire between pin4 (DTR) and pin7 (RTS) on the 9pin serial plug.
  2. Connect your BMS serial port to Bluetooth adapter, such as an IOGEAR Bluetooth to Serial Adapter.
  3. Purchase a GPS system, such as the DealExtreme 5" GPS touchscreen device with Bluetooth
  4. Download EV Dashboard and copy it on the SD card of your GPS system
  5. Download 32Feet.NET, install it and copy the C:\Program Files\In The Hand Ltd\32feet.NET 2.2\Assemblies\CE2\InTheHand.Net.Personal.dll to the evdashboard directory created in Step 4
  6. Turn on the Bluetooth radio on the GPS device
  7. Select evdashboard.exe as your GPS software and run EV Dashboard
  8. On the Setup tab Select your Battery Type: AGM, Flooded, Lithium, or NiCd. EV Dashboard will automatically detect the number of remotes and batteries/cells connected.
  9. Click the "Discover" button to find your Bluetooth adapter.
  10. Select your Bluetooth adapter and click the Connect button.

Note: If you have the App.config file in the same directory you can specify AutoConnect and you will not need to do the last 3 steps above.

Logging and Simulation

  • Simulation mode reads data from the simulation or log file on the SD card
  • Data is logged, if the Logging checkbox is checked, to the "evdashboard.csv" file.


The Config tab allows you to send configuration data to the BMS.

App config

The App.config file can be used to set app values.

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